Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waiting for Mom

Hi all,

It's me Julie...er I mean Julian. I am just sitting here on my fave ottoman waiting for my mom to get home. Notice how I am getting so grown up now?! I have lots of new teeth but boy do they hurt when I am trying to sleep. Today was my Dad's day off, so you know what that means?!....FUN TIME!! He went to the pet store and bought tons of cool stuff. I got a new dolphin, a big furry blue bone, a new harness (which I don't really care for) and a new water bottle. The water bottle has to be the best present ever!! Dad put some peanut butter on it so I could get use to it and then WOW!!! super cold water came out after licking the peanut butter!! All I can say is yumm!! I love Wednesday :) Julie

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Julie needs help!

I could use a little help. I am 11 mos. old and not totally sure of what is expected of me. Here is my problem, I have soooo many toys I am just not sure what to do with all of them. I have skunks, turtles, chickens, several chickens I might add, chewy bones, soft bones, soft furry teddy bears, well you get the picture. Now here's where I need help. How am I supposed to know what I can not have??? I found this really, really cool shoe. It was huge, and kind of, well kind of delicious. It was really heavy too. So after struggling to get it in my room and up on my bed what happens????? my human comes in and says, "no buddy" and takes my shoe away. Boy was I mad but soon I forgot because right after that I got to have a little snack of my frozen yogurt :) yum! Stay tuned for more Julie fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dads Day Off

Today was Dads day off. I love Wednesdays. That means that I get to hang out with him all day. We started out my day by waking Mommy up real early so she could get up and go to work. Next I had a delicious breakfast of kibbles and a little chicken. Mommy was kinda grumbly because just Dad and I were hanging out by ourselves. She kept telling him to have fun but I know she was kinda sad because she couldn't have fun too. Dad told her that on Saturday we could all be together.

Next we went outside for a really long walk. When we came back I had my little snack and laid on my pillow for awhile. It was so nice because the sun was out today. Next Dad and I watched a really silly movie (I even thought it was silly and I am silly)!! It was called Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay. Dad laughed a lot. I didn't quite understand what was so funny but if he thought it was funny I wasn't going to argue :)

After the movie Dad fixed some lunch for us. I had some carrots, a little bit of lamb that Dad was cooking and some kibbles. Then off for another walk and then a little nap. Next my Mommy came home. hihihi Mommy!!! We went outside to play and run around the tennis courts a few times. That is one of my favorite things to do. After my dinner I hope I get to go out again. Well Dad said it's almost time to eat so I better go. I hope to come back again really soon woof, woof!! Love, Julie

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sleepy Time

Woof woof! Little Julian here. My humans bought this bed for me. I don't know why they thought that I would sleep in it! Every night since I came to my new home I have slept with my humans in their bed so why would I want my own bed now???
Right now my best friend Izzy is on vacation, I really wish she would come back soon. I love to go out in my big yard and play with her. Last week her mommy took her to a really cool place that sells doggy treats. She shared with me and I got a big peanut butter cookie. Gosh I miss Izzy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My life as King Julian

Good morning everyone!! As you can see I am a majestic little puppy. My name tells it all, I am the king of dogs...that is...whoops, I mean king of pugs, no wait.. I mean I am the king oh and btw....... hihihihi!!!

I am 11 months old and I live with 2 humans, one who has a very scratchy face when he leaves it unshaved, it reminds me of the snow I saw last winter except not nearly as soft! He always carries a little box that makes lights. He points it towards me then magicaly I see me trapped in a little screen. Then he moves some things from the box to ... the human calls it a computer !!!! I call it a voodoo machine that traps me inside (I have to admit he is a good pack leader though) !

The other human is his female mate she is sweet and loving, and she spoils me despite my little bratty acts. She always holds me in her lap and tells me how cute I am. btw....hihihihi!!

I have to tell you what happened to me last week. My humans took me, me a little defensless 10 month old puppy to a place with a bunch of other defenseless little dogs, then they left me there in this awful place all day long. I was so scared. I was afraid they were going to forget to pick me up. They didn't forget me but when they came to get me at the end of the day I felt all funny and dizzy. When they picked me up they kept saying something about how sorry they were that I had lost my balls. I don't even remember taking my balls there, but I hope we go back to get them!!
They also keep saying that I am a spoiled little puppy, but let me tell you size doesn't matter. I may be small but I am a fearless warrior as I descend from my great grandpa the mighty wolf . Don't let my name fool you! Julian!? Julian!! My male human decided to name me this because of a silly character in a movie with animals called Madagascar. He thought that little guy was so cute. I look and act nothing like that silly little creature!! He thinks I am a silly pup, but he doesn't know I mean business when it comes to my treats!

Yesterday I got to go for a ride in my humans little moving box with 4 wheels. I love those little boxes because when I bark at them they run away very fast. See I can be soooo ferocious :p We went to a very fun place and when we came back he had bought me a little snack. It was so delicious, something called frozen yogurt.... man those humans and their snacks, you gotta love them .